INSTITUTIONAL    PRIZES -  ENDOWMENT
            1.         His Holiness Sri. Vidhyadeesha Theertha      First Rank       Plus Two
                        Swamiji of Palimar Mutt, Udupi
            2.         Sri. Sri. Vignananidhi Theertha Swamiji of     First Rank       S.S.L.C.
                        Sripadaraja Mutt. Bangalore.  Kannadiga Student
            3.         Sri. G.S. Sharma, Saraswathi Vidhya Mandir, Bangalore     First Rank       S.S.L.C.
            4.         Smt. Prabha Manjunath wife of (Late) K.N. Manjunath of     First Rank       S.S.L.C.
                        Master Packaging Industries, Ch - 58.           Kannadiga Student     Plus Two
            5.         Late Sri.  M.N. Krishnamurthy Ex Treasurer. Highest Scorer            S.S.L.C.         
                        Smt. Leela Krishnamurthy, Ex. Com. Member          in English in
                        and Convenor of the Mahila Vibhag   Tamil Medium
                        Name of the Award : Rtd. Hon’ble Srinivasa Sastry Award
                        in the name of Smt. Rathna Subbaramaiya.
            6.         Dr. R.B. Sriyan in the name of his mother Smt.  Ahalya Bai First Rank       S.S.L.C.
            7.         Dr. R.B. Sriyan in the name of his wife Smt. Vasanthi R.B. Sriyan  First Rank       Plus Two
            8.         Sri. D.C. Sankaranarayanappa of Dattatreya Inds, B’lore,    Highest Scorer in            S.S.L.C.         
                        Chinmaya Murthy Endowment          S.S.L.C. with Kannada
                        (in the name of his late son)   as Part I Language
            9.         Ex Hon’ble Minister Sri. H.M. Revanna         Special Prize for the weak      -
                                    student in Std. XI who
                                    improves and scores
                                    high marks in Std. XII
            10.       Sri. A.K. Balaraman    Highest Socrer in Tamil          S.S.L.C. & Plus Two  
            11.       Smt. Sampath Kumari wife of Sri.  R. Rajasekar      First Rank       Plus Two
            12.       Sr. S.L. Sharma in the name of his wife        Poor Kannadiga girl and a
                        Smt.  Shakuntala Sharma      boy-amount to be divided equally.
            13.       Dr. M.G. Bhat in the name of his father Prof.  Mariappa Bhat          1.  Highest scorer in Kannada          S.S.L.C.
                                    2.   Highest scorer in Maths    S.S.L.C.
                                    3. Highest scorer in Kannada Plus Two
                                    4.  Highest scorer in Maths                 Plus Two
                                    5.  First Rank  S.S.L.C. & Plus Two              
            14.       Prof. Mariappa Bhat  Samsmarana Samithi  Highest Scorer in Maths         S.S.L.C. & Plus Two
            15.       Infosys            First Rank From Std.  I to V    -
            16.       Sri. M.S. Prabhu         Best Student and all rounder  -
            17.       Well Wishers of Kannada Sangha      Poor girl and a boy      -
            18.       Late Sri. K.V. Aswathanarayana Rao Ex. Vice President  /   First Rank in S.S.L.C.-
                        Correspondent of this School in the name of higher secodary course upto
                        his mother late Smt. Nagamma         Std XII in our School
            19.       Sri. P. Sulaiman          First Rank       S.S.L.C.
            20.       Sr. N. Shivaramu in the name of his mother  Highest scorer in         S.S.L.C
                        Smt. Indiramma Nanjundasamy.       Kannada
            21.       Sri. N. Duraikannan M.A., B.L. Advocate Ayanpuram in the Poor But Meritorious   Std X &
                        name of his mother (Late) J.N. Yesodammal            Student            Std XII
            22.       Late. S.M. Yahya, Trustee of Al-Noor Hude Trust     First Rank       Plus Two
            23.       Selvi. A. Aswini in       Economically weak Student
                        / the name of Late. Sri. Ashok Hegde            in Std Vi to continue his / her
                                    Studies without detention in any
                                    Class till he / She leaves this School
            24.       Smt. Sharavathy, Retd., Headmistress in the name of         Highest scorer in             S.S.L.C.
                        her daughter Smt. L. Archana            Social Science
            25.       Late. Sri. Panicker      Fees or books for the poor intelhgent
                                    girl in Std. VI who continues
                                    the studies in our school.
            26.       Nucleous Fund - Sri. K.N. Shenoy     Award to teachers who produce
                                    Centum result in Std X and XII
            27.       Sri. M.K. Ramachandran in the name of his  Poor Kannadiga in Std. X
                        father Sri. Mandalamane Krishnappa who continues his / her studies
                                    in our school upto Std XII.
            28.       Sri. K.R. Narasinga Rao         First Rank       Plus Two
            29.       Smt. Girija Nagendra in the name of Late Sri. M.S. Srikantaiah       Highest scorer in Physics           Plus Two
            30.       Late. Sri. M.S. Eswara Sastri in the name of his mother
                        Smt. Kamakshi Ammal          Highest Scorer in Tamil Medium        S.S.L.C.
            31.       Sri. V. Vasudeva         Poor Student in our School
            32.       Sri. C.L. Subba Rao    Poor Kannadiga student         S.S.L.C.
            33.       Mrs. Jaya Arunachalam, President, Working Women’s Forum,       Economically
                        Mylapore.        Poor Studemt in our School
            34.       Sri. T.R. Rama Rao in the name of his son T.R. Ajit Kumar Highest Scorer in Science            S.S.L.C.
                                    Poor Student who regularly
                                    Passes every year for Books,
                                    Uniforms etc.
            35.       Chi. Avinash Chandrashekar in the name of             For a Poor Fatherless
                        Smt. Subadramma his Grandmother child of Std 7
            36.       Sri. A.Ramadass         First Rank       S.S.L.C. & Plus Two
            37.       Sri. K. Raghunatha Rao in the name of his wife
                        Smt. Savithri Rao ( Late)        Poor Student in our school
            38.       Sri. S.A. Manjunath     Highest scorer in Kannada & Staff
            39.       Sri. Ganesh Neeleshwar         Hightest score in Kannada      S.S.L.C.
            40.       Smt. Leelavathi in the name of Sri. Prabhakar Rao  Poor student in our school
            41.       Smt. Sneha Maruthi Padubidri           Highest Scorer in Physics      Plus Two
            42.       Sri. G.R. Nagarajan in the name of his mother          Service staff  Children or
                                    Poor students
            43.       Sri. G. Nagarajan in the name of his father    Poor Student   Std. Plus one
                        Sri. G. Vijaya Rajan
            44.       Smt. G. Manjula, K.S.H.S.S. Primary H.M.   ---        ---
            45.       Sri. Sharadamma in name of her father Sri G. Vijayaraja                 "
            46.       Sri. K.S. Guru Rao in the name of his wife Smt. G. Lalitha (Late)    Highest mark in Kannada          X - XII
            47.       Sri. K. Lakshminarayana        "           "
            48.       Sri. U. Mohana Rao    "           "
            49.       Sri. T.R. Rama Rao in the name of his son T.R. Ajitkumar   Books and uniforms for Poor students
            50.       Sri Venkatesh Kalahalli - Former Secretary in the name of his father
                        Sri Hanumantha Rao Kalahalli            X & XII
            49.       Smt. Subbulakshmi Manjunath in the name of her husband Highest Scorer in Kannada            S.S.L.C. & Plus Two
                        Late. Sri. H.K. Manjunath, Ex. Chairman, Kannada Sangha
                      School Day
            1.         Sri. M.N. Nagarajan in the name of his Mother          Highest scorer in         S.S.L.C.
                        Smt. Kamakshi Ammal          Science & Maths
            2.         Sri. N. Sankaranarayanan in the name of      Highest Scorer in        Plus Two
                        his father Sri. D.K. Nagarajan Maths
            3.         Smt. Lakshmi Sankaranarayanan (Retd. HM) in the name of her father     Highest Scorer in         Plus Two
                        Sri. S. Narayana Iyer, former staff of this School      Physics          
            4.         Smt. Lakshmi Sankaranarayanan (Retd.HM) in the name of of her Highest Scorerin             Plus Two
                        mother - in- law Smt. Swarnambal     Chemistry
            5.         Smt. S. Drusilla Rohini Devi, Retd. AHM. ? K.S.H.S.S.        Highest in English            S.S.L.C. & +2
            6.         Smt. S. Priya, D/o Lakshmi Shankaranarayanan Retd. HM / KSHSS,        Service Staff Poor & Meritorious
            7.         Sri. SS. Arunajadesan Retd. H.M. / K.S.H.S.S.         First Rank - Tamil Medium            S.S.L.C.
            8.         Smt. K.R. Suganya, Retd., H.M./K.S.H.S.S. Highest scorer in Business Maths      Plus Two
            9.         Sri. C. Pandiyan, Retd., Staff K.S.H.S.S       Highest Mark in Maths            “
            10.       Sri. S. Adhiappan, Retd., H.M. Mothilal Fomra Sanathana Dharma HSS,   Highest Scorer in S.S.L.C.
                        Chennai 79 in the name of his parents Smt. &
                        Sri Ranganayaki Swaminathan                     
            11.       Smt. Thripurasundari, Retd., Tamil Pandit     Highest Mark in Tamil Plus Two
            12.       Dr. C.S. Urmila Satyan, Retd., Kannada Pandit        Highest Mark in Kannda         Plus Two
            13.       1984 - 1985 Batch students    The interest from the endowment of Plus Two
                                    Rs. 2 lacs to be used for
                                    Tamil Medum students
                    Cash Awards
            1.         Sri. Rtn. Vasanth Hegde- President of Sri.     - Highest Scorer among the Boys and Girls            S.S.L.C.
                                    - Highest Scorer among the Boys and Girls   Plus Two
                                    - Amounts for State Rank holder to meet      Plus Two
                                      the initial educational
                                    - Expenses for Professional College.
                                      (except capitation fees)                                           
            2.         Sri. S. Chandramouli, Advocate High Court, Chennai           Poor fatherless Girl
                        ( Mrs. D. Vasantha, B.T. Asst.)
            3.         Sri. T.R. Narasimha Rao        Highest Mark in English          Plus Two
            4.         Kannada Sangha Management          1. State Rank in Kannada,
                                    2. A Clerical Staff 3. A Service Staff
                    School Day
            1.         Sri. E. Radhakrishnan, HM/ KSHSS Instituted a cash award            Highest scorer in Tamil   10th, 11th, 12th          
                        in the name of his father Sri. K.V. Elappanar                        
                        Sri E. Radhakrishnan, HM/K.S.H.S.S
                        Instituted a cash award for meritorious & poor student in
                        Tamil Medium in std 10 in the name of his mother Smt.E.Pattammal.
            2.         Sri. A.G. Desai, Ex Committee Member, Kannada Sangha  Staff and Student all Rounder in
                                    Primary Section
            3.         Smt. M. Hemalatha, Retd. Staff K.S.H.S.S.  Highest Mark in Economics   Plus Two
            4.         Office Staff of KSHSS           Highest marks in Science & S.S.       S.S.L.C.
            5.         Smt. S. Tamilselvi P.G. Asst. Highest scorer in Hindi               S.S.L.C. & Plus Two
            6.         Orchid Highest mark in Computer Science   Plus Two
            7.         Smt. S. Visalakshi P.G. Asst. Highest scorer in Accountancy & Com.         Plus Two
            8.         Smt. M. Umamaheswari B.T. Asst.    Highest scorer in Biology        Plus Two
            9.         Smt. P. Rathika         
            10.       Smt. T. Jayalakshmi   All Rounder - Primary
            1.         1985 - 1986 Batch students    Donated R.O. Plant
            2.         Old Students of 1993 Batch   Donation for school improvement
            3.         Sri. M. V. Somasundaram, Contractor           Donated School Name Board
            4.         Smt. N. Lakshmi (Retd. H.M.)            Contributed towards
                        Smt. D. Vasantha, B.T. Asst.  laying Shed
                        Smt. A. Mahalakshmi B.T. Asst.       
                        Sri. Thatti Gopalakrishna
            5.         Indian Overseas Bank, Ayanavaram Branch            Donated 50 Chairs & R.O.waterplant
            6.         Smt. N. Lakshmi (Retd.H.M.) Donated 32 Chairs for school
            7.         Friends Circulation Fund /  Amount for Highest scorer in  Annual Examination   Smt. Sharada Rao   the purchase of  Kannada                               Std 1 to Std 5 Books  Highest scorer in Kannada     Annual Examination Std 6 to Std 10
            8.         Indian Overseas Bank, Ayanpuram, Central Office  Amount for the purchase  General Proficiency    L.K.G. to Plus Two                         Purchase of Prizes of prizes
            9.         Sri. B.S. Achutha Rao,  Rolling Shield  Th House scoring  Std 6 to Plus Two  Ex. Correspondent, K.S.H.S.S.  highest mark in all                         in the name of his father Sri. B.V. Srinivasa Rao the activities
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